Brief Overview of Levels

Junior Sapphires
Junior Sapphires is a program for younger gymnasts who, through observation of experienced coaches, exhibit the qualities required to meet future criteria in the Sapphire program. Junior Sapphires can start as early as age 3 and must meet criteria based on coach’s discretion. Coaches will evaluate for body tightness, timing, strength, straight jump timing, swing timing, regrasping and emotional readiness. Junior Sapphires work on basic gymnastics elements and learn fundamental techniques on all four apparatus - vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise. Juniors practice once a week during the school year and 2 - 3 times a week in the summer.

Sapphire Prep Team
The Sapphire Prep Team is for gymnasts who are practicing skills such as a round off, back and front walkovers and handsprings on the floor; pull overs, back hip circles and baby giants on the bars; basic jumps, handstands and cartwheels on the beam; and show a good progression in spring board timing for vaulting. Gymnasts will work toward necessary competition skills while also learning about the importance of teamwork. Coaches discretion will be used. Gymnasts practice 1 -3 times weekly year-round.

Sapphire Competition Teams
The number of competitive teams in the Sapphire program can change from year to year. Each team that is registered in MAGA may have a maximum of 10 gymnasts. If there are more than 10 girls in the Sapphire program who are ready for a competitive experience, more than one team may be formed. Team placement is based on skill level and ability. Once a gymnast is placed on a competitive team, she will be moved to an upper level team based on ability and coach’s discretion and will not be moved to a lower level team. A gymnast may choose to switch to a lower level team based on space availability and approval from parents and coaches. 

Gymnasts will be required to master round off back handsprings and front handsprings on floor, flyaway and baby giants on bars, front handspring on vault, and cartwheel or back or front walkover on beam (or a skill of high superior difficulty). All gymnasts will be required to compete on all four events. Coaches discretion will be used.
The competitive season begins in October with meets starting in December and ending with the MAGA Divisional State Meet in March. Competitive teams may have approximately 7-9 meets per season. Gymnasts will also participate in community demonstrations and performances. Gymnasts practice approximately 2 - 3 times a week during the school year and 3 - 4 times a week in the summer. Competitive gymnasts will be expected to pay competition fees in excess of regular tuition costs and will also be required to purchase a team competition leotard and team uniform.