Q: What are gymnastics briefs?
A: They are a tight fitting undergarment to be worn underneath leotards (different than underwear).
Q: Why do Sapphires need to wear briefs under or bike shorts over their leotards?
A: Gymnastics is a very hands-on sport, with coaches using their hands and arms to spot or guide the gymnasts through various skills. It is safer to have the gymnasts wear tight fitting garments so that the clothing stays in place and they stay appropriately covered. The coaches priority in spotting is safety.
Q: Why are Sapphires required to purchase a leotard?
A: Sapphire gymnastics puts an emphasis on being a team sport. Matching leotards reinforce this philosophy. Every Sapphire (Juniors through Competition teams) has the opportunity to perform and participate at community exhibitions and competitions where they are a representative of the program. Every season each team within the program takes team photos. The only required purchase for every Sapphire is the team warm-up leotard and shorts. Team leotards usually run between $20 and $30 and shorts are approximently $10. Competition team members are also required to purchase a separate competition team leotard, team jacket, pants, and briefs. Other optional purchases include T-shirts, sweatshirts, duffle bags, etc.
Q: What is meant by volunteer hours?
A: As with any organization that serves youth, the families of Sapphires play a critical role in the programs success. Sapphires are a not-for-profit organization, and the only paid staff members are the coaches, who also have full-time day jobs and/or families. The program depends on volunteers to help with tasks such as resetting equipment, helping with exhibition performances, cleaning the gym, serving on the board, etc. As such, families are asked to contribute a minimum of 10 hours of volunteer time per year. Be sure to sign in at each volunteer event. Any volunteer hours not completed will be charged $20/hour to your account.
Q: Why isn't practice at the same time (or day) every week?
A: Sapphires must share the Sartell High School facilities with all the other school sports and community activities. The gym availability changes with every school sports season. We try to keep the schedules as consistent as possible. Schedules are set one to three months in advance.
Q: How is information distributed to the Sapphire families?
A: Email is the primary means of communication.