Sartell Sapphires - Competitive Team


New to Sartell Sapphires Team? Here are some helpful steps and how-to's to get you started! 
Please note your account status will remain inactive until you are placed or approved by an administrator. Thank you!


1. Login and View Your Account

​Once on the Sartell Sapphires GoMotion website, click the SIGN IN button in the top right-hand corner.
Here you will enter your original username (your email) and password that you registered with. 
If you should have any issues please use the Forgot Password? prompts on the login page. 

2. Add your preferred payment method

Adding a preferred method of payment to your Sapphire Gymnastics Family Account: *
Step 1: Log in using your same email and password from Registration. 
Step 2: Click on your Account Photo, then click My Account (top right-hand side of the screen). 
Step 3: Once you are in the "back office" of your account, click on the Payment Setup tab. Here you can enter your preferred method of payment. 
Step 4: Always hit Save when making any changes! 

*Getting stuck on this step? Check out this article for some help!
3. Download the GoMotion App
4. Become a GoMotion App expert in 5 minutes!